Historically known as a fishing village, Santa Margherita, known today as one of the “Perle del Tigullio” (Pearls of Tigullio), sees a harmonious integration of the urban landscape and its port with nature. The mild climate, the easy accessibility to the sea and to the park’s paths make this location an ideal place to stay and from where to leave for numerous outdoor activities.

The Municipality of Santa Margherita Ligure is part of the Portofino Park: 80 km of hiking tracks and many sites of historical and cultural interest. The promontory is a place of extraordinary beauty characterized by a great biological and plant biodiversity.

The stretch of coast and sea from Santa Margherita Ligure to Camogli is part of the protected marine area of ​​Portofino where the territory appears in all its charm with evocative and extraordinarily beautiful views.

Visit the most authentic corners of the area and live as if you were a local, learn the ligurian traditions by getting in touch with nature, sport and the underwater atmosphere, discovering the variety of fish fauna and flora present in these sea beds to enjoy an incredible window on the marine environment.

In the characteristic village of Santa Margherita, you will find numerous bathing establishments with free beaches equipped with every comfort. Walking along the characteristic boardwalk of the seafront, which takes you to Portofino, you will be captured by the blue color of the seabed and immerse yourself in relaxation or try new experiences by renting a kayak for two or practicing sports such as sailing and sup.

You can also get involved in the numerous seaside restaurants for an aperitif or dinner while savoring the products of the typical Ligurian cuisine.

Outdoor activities for children and teenagers with the aim of making young people aware of an active, sustainable lifestyle in contact with nature; the e-bike is a perfect example; an ecological and sustainable vehicle, ideal for visiting the area by reducing environmental impacts and reaching the desired places without worries.

It is the ideal way to visit the area of ​​Santa Margherita Ligure and Portofino. Let yourself be transported on a peaceful horseback ride to enjoy the Ligurian landscape in contact with nature.


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